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The Celebrity Front Page is an online magazine providing entertainment information in Chicago to spotlight the world-famous and local personalities who significantly impact the area while building their loyal fan base. Chicago is one of the most vibrant and energetic cities in the world, and it attracts a number of top-notch stars from around the globe who come to the city to perform, conduct business or to simply experience the uniqueness that Chicago offers.

Chicago culture is rich and diverse. In an effort to highlight the connection between Chicago and the famous, The Celebrity Front Page gives readers new insight and depth into the personal and professional lives of the people we hear on radio, see on TV and on movie screens, and those who we applaud on stage.

Chicago is a city of movie premieres, major concerts, amazing theater, big-time sports, fantastic festivals and numerous other entertaining activities that prompt one celebrity after another to become, no matter how briefly, a part of the Chicago landscape. Naturally, excited fans are curious about the stars' experience in the city. Who did what, when, where, how and with whom?

In a feature-like presentation, The Celebrity Front Page delivers the information you want in an interesting and engaging style that captivates and gives you a little more insight into the hottest stars you want to know better. And that includes revealing the hopes, dreams, inspirations and special moments that shape their lives.

Not to be overlooked in the world of stardom are the city's local celebrities who are integral parts of the local scene, including Chicago actors, musicians and TV and radio personalities. Although most of the knowledge about them is limited to what comes from their work environments, they are interesting and compelling people in their own right. Generally, we don't hear about their human sides. So it's not unusual for fans to wonder what they are like when they aren't performing. What makes them tick? What do they like and dislike? Do they have some of the same problems and concerns that their fans experience?

In an arena where there are many media outlets, The Celebrity Front Page is taking a unique approach to offer a new look at the big-name stars and local personalities you're talking about and admiring.
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