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The Celebrity Front Page joins a wide array of entertainment publications, but this one focuses exclusively on those celebrities who have a connection with Chicago. Whether they are world-renowned stars who visit the city for work or leisure, or whether it's casting a bigger spotlight on Chicago actors or other local personalities, this publication is designed to focus on the hottest stars that you not only are talking about but are chronicling their every move.

From musicians to actors to athletes to newsmakers to cultural icons and beyond, we delve into their lives to find out about their aspirations, their successes, their missteps, their next moves and what the Chicago culture is like for them.

Unlike many online publications, The Celebrity Front Page presents full-length, in-depth feature stories that offer readers additional entertainment information in Chicago that they don't normally see in online presentations.

We invite readers to join us as we embark on this new venture. As you know, Chicago plays host to the biggest stars throughout the year, and you never know who will show up in the city. That means we'll have many opportunities to showcase the biggest and best in the celebrity arena.

The Celebrity Front Page is a branch of Leavy Communications LLC. The staff is comprised of award-winning writers and photographers who have worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment.

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