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On Stage With Eliane Elias  
World-renowned singer brings a velvety piece of Brazil to Chicago 
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   ELIANE Elias, a five-time Grammy Award-nominee, has one of those unique voices that listeners savor––a voice that satisfies the soul. It’s smooth. It’s soothing. It’s stylish. It’s sophisticated, and it’s one of the unmistakable examples of the alluring Brazilian sound.
   The Sao Paulo, Brazil, import, who has lived in New York since 1981, has carved out an exceptional career as a singer, songwriter, producer, musician and arranger with a sound that reflects the enticing samba of Brazil. That cool, sexy vibe that has prompted some observers to describe her as “an artist beyond category,” will be exhibited locally when she appears for a performance at City Winery on April 1.  
   Elias, also a famed jazz pianist, arrives in the city one day after the highly anticipated release of her new CD, Made in Brazil, which comes on the heels of her critically acclaimed production, I Thought About You, a tribute to trumpeter-vocalist Chet Baker. “The DNA of this recording is Brazil. It’s deep-rooted in Brazil and branches out,” Elias says. “It’s the first time I’ve recorded in Brazil since I moved to New York in 1981, and it was a great vibe, a recording where I’m wearing a lot of hats––playing piano and keyboards, singing, arranging and composing six of the songs.”
   During her career, Elias has skillfully blended Brazilian flavors with American jazz, pop, soul and blues to create a hybrid sound that appeals to a wide-ranging group of music enthusiasts. But it was the success of I Thought About You that catapulted her career to another level and validated Elias as an “international treasure.” The recording was the No. 1 album in the U.S. and France in sales on; No. 2 on iTunes in several countries, including the U.S., France and Brazil; and No. 4 on Billboard’s jazz charts and top jazz radio charts.
   Already, Made In Brazil has generated excitement about the unlimited possibilities surrounding its release. “This was an incredible experience working with one of my idols,” says Mark Kibble of Take 6, who joined her in the studio. “Eliane is just beyond amazing. The way she put that thing down (Made In Brazil) has not only impacted me, but all of the guys in Take 6. We all were just completely blown away.”
   For Elias, when it comes to the potential of Made in Brazil, she is rather matter of fact, saying, “The ultimate goal is to bring music to people, to bring joy to people, to touch people’s lives with feelings of love, happiness and hope.”
   Music lovers say she already has done that as she continues to share her silky-smooth voice with the world.
Eliane Elias, an internationally recognized singer and pianist, went back to her roots to produce her latest project. 
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"I was made in Brazil and so was my new CD, Made in Brazil."
Elias' current tour makes stops throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada in support of her new CD, Made In Brazil. She is scheduled to perform in Chicago at City Winery on April 1. "This CD is really an extension of what I am," she says. "It's the way I hear music, so when I'm writing, I'm already writing something I want to hear."