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Inside How To Catch Creation 
Thought-provoking and compelling production focuses on one of mankind's most basic aspirations 
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––Walter Leavy
Maya Vinice Prentiss and Bernard Gilbert play characters who are in a sometimes rocky relationship, and (below) Prentiss confides in Aldridge's character. 
   In his return to the Goodman, director Niegel Smith employs his celebrated spirited approach to reveal all of the nuances in this captivating play. In the spotlight is Griffin (Keith Randolph Smith), who lost 25 years of freedom after being imprisoned for “a crime I didn’t do.” Now thrust back into society and trying to adapt to dramatic changes in the outside world, the wrongly convicted, 40-something ex-con is determined to fulfill his parental desires by adopting a child. His determination to become a father is so great that––before the adoption process really kicks off––he begins to accumulate kids’ clothes and refers to one of his collections as “a pile of hope in that bag.” 
   Griffin’s sometimes humorous approach to becoming a parent is witnessed closely by his friend and sounding board Tami (Karen Aldridge), who has issues of her own. The two establish different associations with the other cast members, including Ayanna Bria Bakari (Natalie), Jasmine Bracey (G.K. Marche), Bernard Gilbert (Stokes) and Maya Vinice Prentiss (Riley), all of whom deliver memorable performances.  
   The play moves at a comfortable pace and is enhanced by set designer Todd Rosenthal’s decision to use a series of revolving sets that allow the action to shift seamlessly from one couple to another without disrupting the story’s continuity.
   In How to Catch Creation, playwright Anderson successfully created an absorbing and thought-provoking platform that shows how lives intersect and how, for some people, leaving a legacy is paramount.
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Keith Randolph Smith and Karen Aldridge lead a superb cast in Christina Anderson's How To Catch Creation at the Goodman Theatre.
  THERE is one certainty––and perhaps the only certainty––when it comes to personal and loving relationships . . . and that’s the unpredictability, sometimes resulting in life-changing fallout.  
   With finesse and aplomb, playwright Christina Anderson puts that unpredictability front and center while entertainingly highlighting the elements of sensitivity, surprise and one big secret in How to Catch Creation at the Goodman Theatre through February 24.
   Anderson’s compelling play is a satisfying mix of drama, comedy and the unexpected. The strength of the story centers on the relationships among six people who share different associations with one another, ranging from friendship to romance to something in-between. All are artists of different mediums, creative people who struggle with how art impacts life while each ponders the possibility of leaving a legacy by starting a family. 

“When I first read Christina Anderson’s poignant, witty new work, I was struck by her ability to capture one of humanity’s most basic––and most profound––desires: to leave behind something of lasting import.”
                                                                                                                         –– Robert Falls
                                                                                   Goodman Theatre Artistic Director

Photographs by Liz Lauren