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The Return Of Mamma Mia! 
Well-traveled, award-winning musical is a crowd-pleaser that continues to deliver an entertaining story 
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––Walter Leavy
   The high energy level of the show is immediately set with the arrival of Sophie’s best friends and bridesmaids, Lisa (Katherine Lee Bourné) and Ali (Sierra Schnack), whose excited reunion with Sophie is reminiscent of giddy, screaming teenage girls at a sleepover, and that enthusiasm overflows to characterize the upbeat nature of the show and its ensemble. 
   While Mamma Mia!, one of the most successful musicals of all time, has several attractive and engaging elements, this musical is fueled by the high octane of the greatest hits from ABBA’s songbook, including unforgettable tunes such as “S.O.S,” “Knowing You, Knowing Me,” “Take a Chance on Me,” “The Winner Takes It All,” “Voulez-Vous,” “Chiquitita,” “Dancing Queen” and the group’s 1975 chart-topper and the title song “Mamma Mia.” Not unexpectedly, the timeless tunes are so infectious that the dancing on stage spills into the audience, where cast members and theatergoers spontaneously dance in the aisles.
   Directed by William Osetek, a Jeff Award-winner for Next to Normal and a nominee for four other productions, the musical moves at a fast pace and is enhanced by the flawless precision of Jane Lanier’s choreography and the inviting set created by scenic designer Jeff Kmiec.
   Mamma Mia! has a theater history that’s not unique, but its theater success continues to mount as a superb jukebox musical, first hitting the stage during its 1999 London premiere and later chalked up an incredible 5,140 performances on Broadway. As time has gone by––and as indicated by the Drury Lane production––Mamma Mia! just keeps getting better and better. 
Brett Beiner Photography
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The vibrancy and energy in the popular musical Mamma Mia! are displayed in its sharp choreography during the production at Drury Lane Theatre. 
  WHAT's a woman to do when three men show up on her wedding day––each of whom could be her father and each one of them wants to walk her down the aisle.
   Welcome to Mamma Mia! at Drury Lane Theatre through April 14, where a confused and curious Sophie (Rebecca Hurd) has come a step closer in her quest to solve the 20-year-old mystery of identifying her father after going through her mother’s (Susie McMonagle) personal belongings, which could reveal to her what her reluctant mother––a headstrong, independent owner in the Greek islands––has tried to hide. 
   With an overwhelming desire to include her dad at her wedding, Sophie, with this newfound information, secretly sends invitations to each of the three possibilities, neither of whom knows anything about the possible existence of a daughter. Michael Accardo, Stef Tovar and Jeff Parker are the three could-be fathers, each of whom share stories about their past with Sophie’s mom, Donna.
“I believe the intricate story's ability to encourage us to believe in dreams and love and to acknowledge the need for human beings to find each other and assemble their family shares the key to its success.”
                                                                                                                  –– William Osetek
                                                                                                      Director, Mamma Mia!

Photographs by Brett Beiner
Rebecca Hurd and Susie McMonagle get ready on Sophie's wedding day.