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PNC Bank Introduces Máximo 
During a special event, guests came face-to-face with the largest dinosaur that ever lived 
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  IF you want to talk about big, then Máximo the Titanosaur, the latest addition to The Field Museum, is B-I-G.  
   At a reception presented by PNC Bank, nearly 1,000 guests in Stanley Field Hall were introduced to the largest dinosaur to ever walk the Earth, paleontologists say. Máximo was 122 feet long, weighed 70 tons and was bigger than a blue whale but a little shorter than a Boeing 737-900 (16 feet shorter but 19 tons heavier).
   Titanosaurs lived 101.6 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period, after the Jurassic and Triassic periods. The Máximo replica is a composite of fossils discovered by a rancher in Patagonia, Argentina, in 2014. 
   By comparison, Máximo, which replaced the long-running Sue exhibit, is appreciably larger than the popular Tyrannosaurus Rex. It stands 28 feet tall at the head and is three times the length of the world-famous Sue, which spent 17 years in Stanley Field Hall and will get a makeover before moving to another gallery in the museum.  
   The Field Museum is in the midst of its 125th anniversary, and Máximo is at the center of the celebration. 

––Walter Leavy
At the event, the crowd was addressed by (left to right) Scott Swanson, president, PNC Bank, Illinois; Richard Lariviere, president and CEO of The Field Museum; and Eric Gorscak, a museum researcher and paleontologist. 
Brett Beiner Photography
A PNC Bank-sponsored event at The Field Museum gave visitors an opportunity to view the exhibit of the largest dinosaur that ever walked the Earth.
Attendees included (left to right) Melinda Kelly, executive director of the Chatham Business Association; Claudette Harrell, vice president of the Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action; Mary Fran Riley, senior vice president ACCION Chicago; Paul Labonne, vice president, PNC Bank; Melody Spann-Cooper, CEO of Midway Broadcasting-WVON Radio; and Andrea Zopp, president and CEO of World Business Chicago.
"The titanosaur weighed about 70 tons in life––that's as much as 10 African elephants."
The crowd enjoyed a variety of food, and (below) musical entertainment was provided by the Myles Hayes Quintet.
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